We host a range of events focused on aligning the body, mind and soul.
Events will include but are not limited to:

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Healthy eating classes

Our healthy eating classes focus on wellness promoting raw foods, using nutrition to enhance wellbeing and promote the natural balance in our bodies. Nourish the body, mind and soul with proper nutrition.

Healthy High Tea

A fun, social occasion focusing on connecting with like-minded people and enjoying healthy and nourishing food. Our Healthy High Tea events are gluten free, sugar free, high quality organic foods and raw treats, an intimate group of between 10-20 people that is an upmarket but low key affair, once a month on a Sunday afternoon.

Cooking with essential oils

Essential oils fill the senses and trigger physiological and psychological responses in the body, whilst having an incredible therapeutic effect on the body.

Their fragrances stimulate memories and imaginations and the oils themselves stimulate the secretion of antibodies, neurotransmitters, endorphins, hormones and enzymes.

Adding essential oils with the right food combinations can make an ordinary meal extraordinary.

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Centered on becoming more consciously aware of our present situation and circumstances that shape our lives. Mindfulness incorporates ancient practices with modern neuroscience to bring wellness to the body mind and spirit

Eliminating stress and conflict

We explore different ways of dealing with stress and conflict in our lives, at the end of this event you walk away with the tools to be able to manage stress more effectively and turn conflict into a mutually beneficial scenario for both parties involved.

Better understanding of grief and loss

In many cultures when someone passes away there is a celebration of life, in most western cultures we mourn those that pass away. In this event we gain a better understanding of the grief and loss process, how a death is not necessarily a loss but a transformation of energy and how to best honour those that have passed on.

Determining values

Determining your values is a very powerful process that can bring more meaning to your life. Everyone has a hierarchy of values in their life, things that are most important to least important, when we are doing the things that are aligned with our highest values, the things that are most important and most valuable to us we live a more fulfilling life. Becoming conscious of what is truly most important to us is the catalyst to living an inspired and meaningful life.

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Stilling the mind to bring a sense of calmness and relaxation, meditation is a beneficial healing process and a way to bring yourself back to balance.


A range of different Yoga events are offered including full day yoga events.
Spiritual practices, full moon events, creative spiritual art classes, mind/body connection events, networking events and Girls weekends are also offered at CasaGrande Resort and Spa.
Contact us today if you have an enquiries about our listed events or if you would live to organise or host your own event at our resort.