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Healing Services - Tweed Heads​ & Gold Coast

At CasaGrande Resort we offer a range of holistic healing and wellness modalities to have you glowing from the inside out.

Our in-house services include Theta Healing, Energy Healing and Intuitive Life Coaching.

Looking for other services?? 

We have a list of therapists we call on if you would like a massage, facial or yoga session, just to name a few. 

Our Services




Energy healing works on helping to raise your vibrations to assist healing on all levels of the mind, body and soul, facilitating a return to energetic balance and bringing forth truth, love and gratitude. It is not based on any religion. Sessions are performed, laying on a treatment bed, fully clothed.


Benefits may include:

*Balance the energy centres within the body

*Assist with healing the mind, body and soul on all levels

*Promote a sense of relaxation, peace and harmony within

To learn more about Energy Healing, and what to expect from your session

please click here and read our linked PDF.




Debbie uses a unique approach to coaching, utilising her cache of personal development trainings, human behaviour research and incorporating the Demartini Method, to assist clients to evolve and to be able to live their most inspiring life.


The  approach is direct and concise, getting to the root of the perceived challenge, allowing the client to come to a space of love and gratitude for all that is and all that was.

These consults are for people that are ready to have gratitude for the past, be present in this moment and be inspired for the future.

To learn more about Intuitive Coaching Sessions with Debbie,

please click here and read our linked PDF.




Grief can be such a debilitating feeling and has the ability to stay with us for many years, inhibiting our quality of life. It can come from the loss of someone or something that we love so dearly.


By using a certain technique it is possible to dissolve these feelings, allowing you to have total love and gratitude for the perceived loss, go away feeling lighter and be able to finally have a state of peace and stillness.


For more information on Grief Relief Sessions

please click here and read our linked PDF.


Take a refreshing dip in our cold tropical pool, enjoy the birds singing in the background.


Perfect for a quick detox and sweating out any unwanted toxins stored in the body. Perfect if you love dry heat.


A relaxing and more gentle way to detox; especially if you do not sweat easily or find the Sauna too hot. Essential oils enhance these effects and contribute to good health, as well as make the Steam Room smell amazing. Best suited to those that prefer moist heat.   

Connected to the pool, the spa is refreshing and rejuvenating, particularly after a warming sauna or essential oil steam.


Day Spa is included in your accommodation booking.   




***Currently Closed



Relax those tired aching muscles in the OutDoor Spa where you get to unwind at your leisure enjoying the use of the cold tropical pool & spa, sauna, aromatherapy steam room and exercise room.


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