What to pack for your Retreat!!

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

How exciting, you are going on a retreat.

Maybe it’s a relaxing girls retreat, a wellness warrior retreat, a deep transformational immersion, a food or juice detox or a spiritual weekend of connection. No matter what type of retreat you’re about to embark on, there will always be the task of packing and being well prepared before you get there.

After hosting many retreats at Casagrande Resort & Day Spa , and attending many retreats myself, smart packing makes a huge difference to your experience.

Some things to think about!!

*Has your facilitator given you a list of things to bring and not to bring?

Some facilitators are super organised and help you out with a list of suggestions prior to arrival, and this may include what to pack and what to leave at home.

*Time of year, what to take in winter will vary greatly to summer, (this one’s a no brainer), however, sometimes in summer it can be cooler at nights in some areas, so you may need a cover up or jumper.

What will you be doing on Retreat??

*If your retreat is a yoga and juice detox, things to take will be quite different to a Rock and Roll Dance Retreat.

*Will you be twin sharing with someone that you don’t know?

Who knows, you may need some earplugs for the snoring.

*Plenty of outdoor activities!! Don’t forget the bug spray and sunscreen for summer.

*Julie from Julie Kay International : The Shift Sanctuary Retreat,  and author of Lessons of Love and Life, strongly suggest a journal in her Retreat.

**Check out your itinerary schedule and pack what’s relevant to each activity.

What not to bring!!

*Valuables! The last thing you want to do is to be worried about the diamond earings in the room when you’re in a learn to surf lesson or meditating in an ashram.

*Perfume, (unless it’s natural), particularly if you are sharing a room with someone you do not know. Standard perfumes contain chemicals and can be so overpowering and unpleasant for others.

*Work..unless it’s imperative. But chances are, you are going on a retreat for a reason, and most of the time its to disconnect from daily life, and that may include work.

Lyndal from Clarity Cleanse Retreats, says no coffee for her juice fast weekend.

So let’s get this list happening…

What to pack: keep it simple and pack lightly

*Comfy clothing, pack things you love to wear

*Clothes relevant to the retreat.

Yoga gear for a Yoga Retreat, maybe your mat if the retreat to your home town

*Bathers/sarong/maybe a beach towel  (this goes with with me, no matter what time of the year. I never leave home without bathers)

*Joggers/hiking shoes: outdoor activities


*Bug Spray

*Notebook/journal & Pen

*Light cover up or jumper

*Water Bottle


*Ear plugs (maybe you snore and need to give them to your room mate, hehe)

What not to bring...

*Work (who wants to work on retreat any way)


*Overbearing perfume

*A bad attitude, no one like a negative Nellie!!!

*Too much stuff, lighten the load before you even get there, mentally and physically.

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